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September 10, 2021

Pushing The Boundaries of 3D Realism With M-XR

Our partner, M-XR, develops technology that can capture real-world objects and environments at scale. Their scanning system can accurately measure real world materials and produce photorealistic renderings of real world objects.

Getting the material right is key to photorealism because material uses an array of textures to describe how the object reacts to light. This type of photorealism is what makes AR experiences so much more believable.

In the luxury sector, AR needs to showcase the craftsmanship of the product as accurately as possible. Mulberry expected nothing less of the best possible AR experience so they commissioned M-XR to create photorealistic and AR-optimized 3D models of their latest luxury handbag, The Iris.

The results were astounding. Mulberry was able to showcase its new product virtually and impressed its customers at their special product launch events in Tokyo, New York and London. See the full case study on M-XR’s website here.

Shape Immersive has access to this proprietary technology and our team is trained to produce the same results. Are you a retailer or brand looking to create the best photorealistic and AR-ready 3D models of your product? Drop us a line at and let us know how we can help!