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August 5, 2022

SHAPE IMMERSIVE’s CEO, James Basnett, will be speaking about the “Rules of the Metaverse” at Frontier Summit

On August 9 and August 10, 2022, Vancouver will be taking a deep dive into the Metaverse! Frontier Collective will be hosting Frontier Summit, a curated 2 day event where founders, leaders, and investors will come together to explore and discuss how the Metaverse and Web3 will shape our future.  


Shape Immersive CEO, James Basnett, will be attending the Frontier Summit and will also be a featured speaker as part of the fireside chat discussing the topic: “The Rules of the Metaverse”.  In-depth exploration of  some of the following discussion points include: 


  1. What defines the Metaverse? 
  2. Where do we predict the Metaverse is going? 
  3. When will we be able to integrate the Metaverse?
  4. How will the Metaverse materialize in our day to day lives? 


Vancouver is growing into one of the world’s biggest hub in frontier tech, with the region boasting some of the world’s premier gaming and VR companies, including Shape itself.  The goal of the Frontier Summit is to ignite connections and collaborations between global investors and major stakeholders in the Vancouver network, with the purpose of pushing innovation forward in the city. 


More than 30 global leaders and top investors will be gathering together to meet with local founders and companies working in Web3, VR/AR, the metaverse, AI, and creative industries such as VFX and animation. 


Day 1 of the Frontier Summit will  welcome numerous government and international representatives to engage in insightful discussions about how the Metaverse and Web3 interacts with the economy and how it will bring new opportunities for everyone. 


Day 2 of the Frontier Summit will focus on the impact of the ever-growing Metaverse and how the Metaverse can propel growth in new communities and create equitable opportunities. It will also explore how we can build in a recession to drive this technology forward into the future. 


We are extremely excited that James will be representing Shape Immersive at the Frontier Summit and to hear his thoughts and predictions on how the Metaverse will shape our future. 


For more information on Frontier Summit, click on this link:


James will be speaking on August 10, 2022 at 9:30 am 


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