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August 31, 2022

F3STIVAL RECAP: A Summary of Shape's Participation at F3STIVAL

On July 9 and July 10, 2022, the Shape team attended  F3STIVAL, a women-led conference welcoming 1000+ women to web3 hosted in our very own backyard, Vancouver BC. To say the event was a success was an understatement -  there was a full cast of  female speakers on several panels engaging in insightful discussions about topics such as web3, the metaverse, blockchain, crypto, NFTs, DeFi, DAO and more. Crypto-curious attendees were also able to get their feet wet by engaging in F3STIVAL workshops which provided hands-on experience in setting up a hot/cold wallet and learning to mint an NFT.

Shape’s very own Head of Growth, Sandy Liu, was a speaker in one of F3STIVAL’s panel discussing the topic of “WTF IS WEB3?!” We were so very proud of Sandy as she took the audience through a compelling explainer of Web3 and how the metaverse is  going to shape our lives, especially in the Metaverse. Specifically, Sandy stated,

“Web 3 supports the metaverse, which is live interaction in 3D. So instead of interacting with someone’s timeline posted seconds ago, you can now connect with someone in real time in 3D.”

Sandy further quoted that the ideal goal for Web3 is to

“...Get to a point where we could feel like we’re physically there with someone else in a digital layer on top of our physical world.”

Jenny Lin, Shape’s Head of Content Strategy, was also present at F3STIVAL as part of the F3 Team's Head of Social Media. Jenny was a moderator for F3STIVAL’s Founder’s Story where she and a female NFT project co-founder delved deep into the journey and success of building as a woman in the NFT space. 

F3STIVAL definitely passed Shape’s vibe check. We can’t express how pleased we are that we were able to show our support in cultivating a diverse and thriving community of leaders to make Vancouver one of the best tech hubs on the West Coast. We can’t wait to be part of more special events such as F3STIVAL and hopefully, someday very soon,  we’ll be doing this in the metaverse. 

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