Our past work and achievements

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Projects

Promo video- 2018

We've partnered with Occipital and DapperLabs to bring CryptoKitties into the world of mixed reality at the VR/AR Global Summit.

We demonstrated the world's first multiplayer mixed reality experience at AWE 2018.

We demo’d Kitty Kong at Microsoft’s VR/AR Showcase

Grand Canyon mixed reality demo at Launch Academy

At TED 2018, we unveiled one of the most spatially accurate mixed reality experiences the world has seen. By using Occipital's Structure Sensor, Bridge Engine and a digital proxy, we were able to create the illusion of context-aware virtual objects.

Virtual Reality Projects and Games

Futuretown’s 2015 reel showcasing some of the work our team members have contributed in VR.

The Totalmotion Standing module allows you to control the direction of your body by spinning the base plate. It is designed to be intuitive so that anyone can enjoy experiences such as surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding in a virtual setting.

Discover the thrill of riding the world's biggest waves in Wave Breaker: Surf VR, the world's most realistic feeling virtual reality river surfing game.

The Totalmotion Riding module is designed to be more like a creature. Imagine experiences such as riding on a horse, riding on a gigantic dinosaur, riding on a fire-breathing dragon, or riding on a sea creature that takes you deep into the ocean.

Whiteout: Ski VR, developed by Futuretown, is the most authentic virtual reality skiing experience available.

The Totalmotion Motorcycle module is perfect for simulating vehicle riding experiences. Imagine also riding ATV's across the desert, riding on a snowmobile across a frozen lake, riding on a jet ski on a hot summer day, or riding on a sci-fi speeder in a science fiction world.