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About Shape Immersive

The world is moving towards a fundamental shift where our physical reality will soon blend with a virtual one. In order for people to interact with virtual content as if they exist in the real world, we need “The AR Cloud”, a real-time spatial map of the world. By using blockchain technology, Shape Immersive is building a decentralized marketplace that will make geospatial data universally accessible so anyone can create scalable and persistent augmented reality experiences.


Alex Chuang, CEO

Alex Chuang Co-founder & CEO

Alex Chuang is a serial entrepreneur, community builder and ux designer. Having sold his first company in 2013, Alex went on and co-founded Western Canada’s leading tech incubator, Launch Academy. Since 2012, Launch Academy has helped over 500 startups raise over $100M and created more than 1000 jobs. In 2015, he was recognized for Best in Social Entrepreneurship by Notable Awards and was also named Top 30 under 30 by BC Business. Alex currently sits on the board of the VR/AR Association in Vancouver which organizes the VR/AR Global Summit.

Aaron Hilton, CTO

Aaron Hilton Co-founder & CTO

Aaron Hilton is an entrepreneur, technologist and digital creative with more than 20 years of experience of working with immersive technology. Aaron has deep roots in VR/MR and 3D engine, iOS app development, game creation, real-time visual effects, video scripting and production, and most importantly user experience design. He is the Founder and President of Steampunk Digital, a mixed-reality studio known for their work on Occipital’s mixed reality engine.

He is also the founder of the VanVR, Western Canada’s largest community that promotes the VR creative scene. When he’s not modelling the latest wireless VR headset, Aaron can be found tinkering with electronics, throwing people with Aikido chop-chops, or riding a horse.

Proof of Concept

To validate why spatial data is necessary to enable amazing mixed reality experiences, Shape Immersive has created the following experiences:

TED Demo

(World’s most spatially accurate mixed reality experience)

Kitty Kong Demo

(World’s first multiplayer mixed reality experience))


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